Licensing Your Dog

Please be aware there are fraudulent websites purporting to sell Ohio dog licenses. There is no such thing as a license good for the entire state. Lorain County residents should bookmark the Lorain County Auditor Dog License page to ensure that they are purchasing your tags from the proper authority.

To update your contact information contact the Lorain County Auditor's office at 440-329-5243 or 440-329-5289.


Licenses must be purchased every year. All dogs 3 months of age and older must be licensed each year by January 31. Dogs acquired after January 31 must be licensed immediately to avoid penalties.


  • Lorain County Dog Kennel's Office
    301 Hadaway Street
    Elyria, OH 44035
    Phone: 440-326-5995
  • Lorain County Auditor's Office
    Lorain County Administration Building
    226 Middle Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Elyria, OH 44035
    Phone: 440-329-5207
  • Other License Locations are also available throughout Lorain County. Please call the Dog Warden's Office at 440-326-5995 for more information.


Licensing is a requirement of state law. The license, attached to your dog's collar, will identify you as the owner should the dog be lost.

If your dog is found running at large by the Dog Warden's office and is wearing a tag, you will be notified by phone or in person that your dog has been impounded. With a current license attached, you are assured that your dog will be held for 14 days. Dogs not wearing their current license tags are held only 3 business days before adoption, rescue, or euthanization.