After-Hours Redemption

On behalf of the Lorain County Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator and the Dog Warden, we are pleased to announce an after-hours and weekend redemption program. The employees of the Lorain County Dog Kennel pride themselves in the areas of public service and customer relations.

We realize that a responsible pet owner is aware of the necessary requirements in the containment or reasonable control of their dogs, but we also understand that our pets can sometimes get loose and run astray.

If the circumstance ever arises where we seize your dog and it comes to our Kennel for a visit, we have prepared to make accommodations in the redemption of your animal. If an owner has strong evidence that his/her dog is in the kennel, and it is during a long holiday weekend, please follow these necessary steps:

  1. Contact the Lorain County Sheriffs Office at 440-329-3710 and ask for the warden, and the sheriff will page the Deputy Dog Warden to be able to redeem your dog.
  2. Furnish your name, address and phone number to the communications officer and the Deputy Dog Warden will be paged. The Deputy Dog Warden will contact you when to meet at the kennel for the transaction.
  3. Method of payment is cash or personal check. Those writing checks need to make payable to Lorain County Treasurer for redemption charges. Any licensing charges are payable to Lorain County Auditors. A mandatory fee of $50 will be charged for the dispatch of the Deputy: this does not include any other outstanding charges that may be incurred (redemption, licensing, penalty, etc.).