Dog Kennel

Lorain County Dog KennelThe Dog Kennel is the county facility for temporarily housing stray dogs. We are a self-funded entity, so no local dollars from the general fund are used in the operation.

If a dog is adopted from our facility, we offer a free "mandatory" spay or neuter of your dog. This motion is supported by the Lorain County Commissioners, in an effort to control the pet population. Details of this service will be explained by our staff at the time of adoption.

**Due to the overwhelming inclining amount of strays, and declining amount of adoptions, we cannot take owner surrenders at this time.

To view a list of dogs that are currently at the kennel and their availability dates, please see Dogs to Adopt.


The Lorain County Dog Kennel's mission is to serve the citizens of Lorain County in the seizure of stray and at-large dogs. Dog Kennel employees are committed to meet or exceed the expectations of the Lorain County Board of Commissioners and the Lorain County Administrator in the areas of service, performance and professionalism.

We are committed to continuously improving our relationship with the public, the skills of our employees, and providing a safe and rewarding work environment.


  • Provide exceptional service and performance to exceed our citizen's expectations.
  • Foster an atmosphere of improvement and problem prevention.
  • Provide education and training to all employees to support their health, welfare and safety as a top priority.
  • Comply with all applicable local and state laws concerning the moral and humane treatment of animals.
  • Communicate our mission and objectives to all employees.
  • Provide an environment that supports teamwork.