2021 District Calendar Contest

In 2021 the Solid Waste District received 1,725 entries from students all over Lorain County. The winners were invited to attend the Board of Commissioners meeting on Wednesday, June 16th. Each winner received a certificate from the Board of Commissioners and a copy of the drawing they submitted. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

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Cover illustrated by: Deniz T. from Avon Middle School

January illustrated by: Adam Y. from Larkmoor Elementary School

February illustrated by: Madelyn O. from North Ridge Early Childhood Learning Center

March illustrated by: Leah W. from Holy Trinity School

April illustrated by: Alex H. from St. Jude School

May illustrated by: Erin T. from Avon Middle School

June illustrated by: Bentley R. from Westwood Elementary School

July illustrated by: Sadie V. from Troy Intermediate School

August illustrated by: Margaret M. from Troy Intermediate School

September illustrated by: Ella G. from Heritage Elementary School

October illustrated by: Makenna M. from Nord Middle School

November illustrated by: Sophia N. from Avon Middle School

December illustrated by: Mackenzie C from Amherst Junior High School