Solid Waste Management District

Please Note: The Lorain County Solid Waste Management District is not responsible for your waste, recycling, or bulk pick up. For those issues, you will need to contact your waste hauler.  (click here)

Mission of the District

Our mission is to implement the Lorain County Solid Waste Management Plan by educating and encouraging recycling efforts, waste reduction & litter prevention in Lorain County.

The District is governed by the Lorain County Board of Commissioners and is advised by a Solid Waste Policy Committee.

Solid Waste Management Districts

The Ohio General Assembly established the Solid Waste Management Districts of Ohio in 1989 and required each county to belong to one. Our District was set up to include the whole of Lorain County, plus all of the City of Vermilion. The responsibilities and duties of each District fall into two broad categories:

  • To prepare and maintain a comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, and measure progress toward its goals by collecting detailed statistics on recycling and solid waste disposal.
  • To promote recycling, reuse, and reduction of solid waste through educational and informational programs, support of recycling businesses and organizations, and the direct operation or support of actual collection events and programs.
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