Fees Schedule

Ohio Revised Code 2303.20 Fees

Under the circumstances described in sections 2969.21 to 2969.27 of the Revised Code, the clerk of the court of common pleas shall charge the fees and perform the other duties specified in those sections. In all other cases, the clerk shall charge the following fees and no more:

  1. $25 for each cause of action which shall include the following:
    1. Docketing in all dockets
    2. Filing necessary documents, noting the filing of the documents, except subpoena, on the dockets
    3. Issuing certificate of deposit in foreign writs
    4. Indexing pending suits and living judgments
    5. Noting on appearance docket all papers mailed
    6. Certificate for attorney's fee
    7. Certificate for stenographer's fee
    8. Preparing cost bill
    9. Entering on indictment any plea
    10. Entering costs on docket and cash book
  2. $2 for taking each undertaking, bond, or recognizance
  3. $2 for issuing each writ, order, or notice, except subpoena
  4. $2 for each name for issuing a subpoena, swearing witness, entering attendance, and certifying fees
  5. $25 for calling a jury in each case
  6. $2 for each page, for entering on a journal, indexing, and posting on any docket
  7. $3 for each execution or transcript of judgment, including indexing
  8. $1 for each page, for making a complete record, including indexing
  9. $5 for certifying a plat recorded in the county recorder's office
  10. $5 for issuing certificate to receiver or order of reference with oath
  11. $5 for entering satisfaction or partial satisfaction of each lien on record in the county recorder's office, and the clerk of courts' office
  12. $1 for each certificate of fact under seal of the court, to be paid by the party demanding it
  13. $1 for taking each affidavit, including certificate and seal
  14. $2 for acknowledging all instruments in writing
  15. $5 for making certificate of judgment
  16. $10 for filing, docketing, and endorsing a certificate of judgment, including the indexing and noting the return of the certificate
  17. $25 dollars for each cause of action for each judgment by confession, including all docketing, indexing, and entries on the journal
  18. Five dollars for recording commission of mayor
  19. $1 for issuing any license except the licenses issued pursuant to sections 1533.101, 1533.11, 1533.13, and 1533.32 of the Revised Code
  20. $15 for docketing and indexing each aid in execution or petition to vacate, revive, or modify the judgment, including the filing and noting of all necessary documents
  21. $25 for docketing and indexing each appeal, including the filing and noting of all necessary documents
  22. A commission of 2% on the first ten thousand dollars and 1% on all exceeding ten thousand dollars for receiving and disbursing money, other than costs and fees, paid to or deposited with the clerk of courts in pursuance of an order of court or on judgments, including moneys invested by order of the court and interest earned on them
  23. $5 for numbering, docketing, indexing, and filing each authenticated or certified copy of the record, or any portion of an authenticated or certified copy of the record, of an extra county action or proceeding
  24. $2 for each certificate of divorce, annulment, or dissolution of marriage to the bureau of vital statistics
  25. $2 for each electronic transmission of a document, plus one dollar for each page of that document. These fees are to be paid by the party requesting the electronic transmission.
  26. $1 for each page, for copies of pleadings, process, record, or files, including certificate and seal.