Community Beautification Projects

Through Lorain County's Clean and Beautiful Program, individuals, neighborhood / community groups, and schools can apply for beautification projects through borrowing our Clean and Beautiful trailer and its equipment.

These projects are aimed at helping county residents improve their neighborhoods’ aesthetics. Well-maintained and clean communities discourage littering and illegal dumping. Clean communities also contribute to the overall health and well-being of county residents, sustainability of the environment, increased property values and attracting new businesses to the neighborhood.

This can be achieved by beautifying surrounding areas through activities such as community cleanups, and beautification projects completed by volunteer groups.

Clean and Beautiful Trailers

The trailer must be requested in writing prior to the date to allow time for scheduling. 
The equipment in the trailer enables groups/organizations to perform site cleanups or beautifications, plant community gardens, etc. 
(Some of the equipment in the trailer: lawn mower, leaf blower, trimmer, assorted rakes, shovels, pruners, gardening tools, safety vests, gloves, safety cones, garbage bags, etc.) 

To submit a request form, click here or call 440-328-2368.

Ways to beautify your neighborhood:

• Recycle
• Install public art
• Plant flowers and trees
• Remove graffiti vandalism
• Start a community garden
• Organize neighborhood cleanups

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