Request for Proposals

Midway Mall Aerial

  • Timeline

    • Request for Proposal Issued - July 25, 2023
    • Site Tours - as requested
    • Last Day for Questions* - October 18, 2023
    • Proposals due - October 25, 2023
    • Interviews with selected Respondents - approx. December 7-13, 2023
    • Negotiation Process - ongoing following initial receipt and review of proposals

* All questions must be submitted in writing to Nicole Finnerty, Port Authority Executive Assistant/Coordinator (, and will be responded to in writing and made available to all interested parties in the data room.

  • Data Room

Below is a link to the Port's data room for the RFP.  It contains various property reports and survey information, drone footage (exterior and interior) and zoning/planning information for the City of Elyria.

Note: in addition to the drone footage in the data room, the Port has available upon request 'raw" mapping/3D model files that can be used in other programs for viewing and annotation. Please contact Nicole Finnerty ( if you need access to these files to assist you in preparing your proposal.

Data Room Access

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