Elected Officials


Name Title Email Phone
Betleski, Mark A. Common Pleas Judge   440-329-5722
Carney, Kenneth Engineer   440-329-5586
Cook, Chris Common Pleas Judge   440-329-5416
Doran, Mike Recorder   440-329-5148
Ewers, Raymond J. Common Pleas Judge   440-329-5518
Hung, Michelle Board of Commissioners   440-329-5100
Janik, Frank Domestic Relations Judge   440-329-5365
Lundy, Matt Board of Commissioners 440-329-5200
Miller III, Dr. Frank P. Coroner 440-774-7300
Miraldi, James L. Common Pleas Judge   440-328-2389
Miraldi, John R. Common Pleas Judge   440-329-5560
Moore, David J. Board of Commissioners   440-329-5300
Orlando, Tom Clerk of Courts   440-329-5000
Talarek, Daniel J. Treasurer 440-329-5787
Tomlinson, J.D. Prosecuting Attorney   440-329-5389
Rothgery, Christopher R. Common Pleas Judge   440-329-5571
Snodgrass, Craig Auditor 440-329-5207
Strohsack, Sherry Glass Domestic Relations Judge   440-328-2201
Stammitti, Phil Sheriff   440-329-3709
Swenski, Lisa I. Domestic Relations Judge   440-329-5357
Walther, James Probate Judge   440-329-5176