April 8th, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Ohio Eclipse Path GraphicWhat is a “Total Solar Eclipse”?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, completely blocking the Sun.  The sky will darken as if it were dusk.  

Why is Lorain County special?

Lorain County is on the centerline of totality which means we will experience the longest duration of the event.  The band of totality is 124 miles wide with those on the edges of the band experiencing a different view and lesser duration. The last total solar eclipse in Ohio was in 1806 and the next will be in 2099!  During the eclipse, the Sun’s corona (outer atmosphere) will be visible. This is a rare opportunity to witness an incredible natural event!

Eclipse Timing Map

Is it safe to look at the Sun during the eclipse?

The only time when it is safe to view without approved viewing glasses is when the moon totally blocks the sun and only momentarily. (NASA, 2024) Children must be closely monitored if this is done.  The only safe way to view the entire event is with approved viewing glasses.  Glasses can be purchased online and must meet the ISO 12312-2 International Standard.  Lorain County EMA does not recommend any particular brand.

Safe viewing link:  Ohio EMA Safe Viewing Guidance

American Astrological Society Approved Viewing Devices: List of Approved Viewing Devices

Resident Preparation Tips:

  1. Due to our location on the line of totality, there is a possibility that our population could increase during the event due to visitors. The influx of people could have effects on our residents.  While the Eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8th, it is likely that many visitors will come in over the weekend and stay in the area.  This could cause any/all of the following:
    1. Difficulty accessing food, gas, and supplies due to traffic issues.
    2. Increased traffic or jammed roadways.
    3. Increased wait times for services such as hospitals, restaurants and gas stations.
    4. Possible loss of cell phone signal due to system overload.
  2. Residents can prepare prior to the event by using the following tips:
    1. Gas up vehicles before the weekend (April 6/7).
    2. Stock up on food and drinks prior to the event.
    3. Avoid scheduling appointments on Monday, April 8th (Doctor, etc.).
    4. Avoid travel over the weekend.

PowerPoint:  Recommended Actions for Business 

Business PowerPoint

How is Lorain County preparing for the event?

The Lorain County Emergency Management Agency is working diligently with our partners from public safety, elected officials, local businesses, utility service providers, hospitals, public health, ODOT, Ohio Highway Patrol, Turnpike officials, ODNR, parks and many others to stress the need to prepare and develop best practices and guidelines. This is being done by holding numerous meetings with all of our partners to look at potential issues and solutions.  We are preparing a comprehensive guide of resources and contact information for all agencies.  During the month of March, we will be conducting tabletop exercises with our key partners to test our capability to respond to different types of emergency events. During the weekend of the event, we will staff the Emergency Operations Center and be prepared to react to any adverse event and provide resources and guidance to mitigate the same.

Interested in learning more about the Ohio Eclipse path, weather, and potential for visitors to the area?

Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Ohio — Great American Eclipse

Animation of Eclipse by City/State

Lorain County Eclipse Events:

  1. Avon - Lights Out in the Land
  2. Avon Lake - Avon Lake Solar Eclipse Page    Avon Lake Event Brochure
  3. Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington, Ohio - Solarfest
  4. Lorain County Metroparks - Metro Parks Eclipse Event
  5. Lorain County Airport Watch Party - Airport Watch Party
  6. Common Ground, Oberlin -  Solar Eclipse Bash

Links of interest:

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Medical Care (Call 911 for any life-threatening illness or injury!): 

Lorain County Urgent Care Centers

Lorain County Emergency Rooms

Lorain County Hospitals

Service Providers:

Lorain County Restaurants

Lorain County Gas Stations

Lorain County Grocery Stores