School Presentation Information


Choose a book or movie about recycling or litter by using our online form to Request Resources from our Lending Library of Educational Materials. We will include a coloring activity for the students to enjoy when we send it to you!


1st Grade:

Michael Recycle – Students will enjoy the story of Michael Recycle as he works to clean up his town while imparting an important message about recycling and environmental awareness. The story will be followed by allowing the students to color and decorate their very own Michael Recycle cut-out.

 If time allows, the book "Michael Recycle Meets Litter Bug Doug" will also be read to the students.


2nd Grade

Landfill Sorting Game – This is a hands-on learning lesson for students. The presentation starts with a discussion about Trash and where it goes - then moves onto Reducing, Reusing and Recycling to help save space in the landfill.

The activity divides the students into 4 groups and each group has a bag of “garbage” (multi-colored bottle caps) and a “landfill” (plastic coffee container) and the students who act as the “garbage trucks” pass the “garbage” to each other until it reaches the “Landfill”. But what happens when the Landfill overflows? The students will put into action what they learned during the presentation and we will have a discussion!


3rd Grade

All About Recycling – This is a comprehensive overview of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). This presentation goes in depth and explores how certain items are recycled and what can be made from their newly recycled material in a fun and entertaining way that will hold the 3rd Graders attention. This presentation also touches on Natural Resources and Renewable & Non-renewable resources. This presentation is followed by a game to test how well the students were paying attention to the presentation. Prizes will be given.


4th Grade

Recycling & Resources – This presentation reminds the students of the 3 R’s and how important they are. The students will hear about Renewable and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, and the importance of conservation of those resources. There will be a ‘who am I” game played at the end of the presentation in which students will need to identify which recyclable item the clues describe, reinforcing what the students just learned about the 3 R’s and the Natural Resources. Prizes will be given.


5th Grade

Jeopardy – There is an overview presentation on Recycling, Resources and the Environment, followed by a game of Environmental Jeopardy. The class will be split into groups to have a fun competition. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.


All Grades

Basic Presentation — A more in-depth discussion, this presentation introduces students to waste management, the 3 R’s and how recycling works in their community! Examples of products made from recycled materials will be included.

Paper Making — Papermaking is back! Ask about it when you call or about one of our other fun games that can be added to almost any presentation. Students witness a physical change as used paper is made into new paper. Tables & access to a sink and an electrical outlet is needed. This project can get a little messy so an appropriate area should be available. One hour is needed for this class. Limit 25 students.


To schedule a presentation, please call Brandi Schnell at 440-328-2249, or send us an email.

 When you contact us, ask about one of our fun games that can be added to almost any presentation!