Credits Program

Non-Residential Credits Program

The purpose of the Stormwater Credit Program Application (PDF) is to provide a vehicle and incentive to non-residential property owners and regional residential property owners who conduct good stewardship practices that benefit the operation and maintenance of the Lorain County's storm water collection system and improve water quality.

The benefit to the property owner is a reduction in the storm water service charge as a result of performing an activity or experiencing an actual cost to reduce flows or improve the quality of runoff from their properties that ultimately flows into the Lorain County storm water collection system.

The concept is that the entire community benefits from these enhancements or improvements to the County's stormwater system through the resulting improvements in water quality and through reduced flooding. Non-residential properties may also reduce their storm water fee through the implementation of stormwater controls and proven BMP's (Best Management Practices) on their properties that reduce the impact on the overall storm water system.

For more information regarding the credits program, please contact Don Romancak at 440-328-2323 or via email.