Paper Shredding

Materials Accepted from Residents and Businesses:

The Lorain County Collection Center offers FREE document shredding for Lorain County residents! Residents can drop off paper materials to be shredded during regular business hours and can come multiple times per week. There is no limit to how much you can bring. 

Our Staff will check to make sure that there are no unwanted items being mixed in with your documents (including but not limited to: binders, binder clips, paper clips, rubber bands, staples or plastic binding). Materials will then be placed in a locked container for shredding.

Examples of Materials Accepted:

  • Bank account statements and canceled checks.
  • Wage/Salary statements and other income records.
  • Income tax returns, property tax bills, credit cards receipts and statements.
  • Legal documents (Wills, Trust Agreements, Contracts)
  • School transcripts, resumes or other paper documents with sensitive personal information.

If you are a Business seeking paper shredding, we ask that you contact our Collection Center Coordinator at 440-328-2368 to set up an appointment to come in for this service.

Lorain County Collection Center Participation Guidelines (PNG2)