Florescent Lamps & Ballasts

Materials Accepted from Residents and Businesses:

Please Note: to prevent tube lights from breaking during transportation, we ask that you tape all tube lights together. If the tubes are being transported in a box, please make sure that the box(es) are taped shut.

  • All U-Shaped, Circular, Odd-Shaped Lamps and CFL Lamps

  • High Intensity Discharge Lamps
    (EX. HPS / MH / MV Ballasts & Transformers from Fluorescent Light Fixtures)

  • Neon Lights & Signs (Tubing Only)

  • LED Lights

  • Straight Fluorescent Tubes (All Lengths including Green- Tipped Tubes)


Compact fluorescent bulbs (the small, twisty CFLs) can be recycled for free at Home Depot and Lowe's retail locations. Look for a drop box near the main entrance or customer service desk.  

Cleaning up a Mercury Spill

For details on cleaning up a mercury spill or broken thermometer, see these guidelines from the U.S. EPA.

The U.S. EPA also has guidelines on how to deal with mercury-containing compact fluorescent light bulbs that break in the home. CFLs contain a small amount of mercury sealed in the glass tubing. When broken, some of the mercury is released as mercury vapor. The bulb will continue to leak mercury vapor until it is cleaned up and removed from the home.

To minimize exposure, the EPA offers these guidelines on dealing with a broken bulb:

 1.  Homeowners should clear the room of people and pets, and then open a window or door to the outdoors for 10 minutes. Central heating and cooling systems should be turned off as well.

2.  All broken glass and visible powder from the bulb should be placed in a sealable container, along with anything used to clean up the broken bulb. The container should then be placed in an outdoor trash container or covered area until the materials can be disposed of properly.

3.  For several hours after the breakage, continue to air out the room and leave HVAC systems off.

 For detailed information on proper CFL disposal and printable brochures, see the U.S. EPA guidelines for CFL bulbs.