Mail & Distribution Point

The Lorain County Mailroom is the distribution center for County departments located at the County Administration Building, Court House, and the Justice Center. The Mailroom oversees the flow of mail coming from and going to these County offices. For Commissioners Departments, all mail goes to the director or supervisor, and then it is dispersed to the appropriate staff member. These services are available only to approved Lorain County departments and organizations, and not to the general public.

All shipments and packages need to be scanned in the Mailroom and disbursed to the correct county department. All incoming mail needs to be county-related, since we do not accept personal mail for any county staff member. It is our policy that all mail goes in the assigned cube for the department and an approved staff member from each department picks up and sorts it for their staff.

In the mornings, our staff sorts all of the incoming mail, which is available for pick-up anytime after 11 am Monday through Friday, except holidays. We also affix postage and service the County's outgoing mail, which is picked up daily at 4:15 pm and delivered to the Post Office. 


Paper is centrally ordered for Lorain County Offices, saving the county dollars. To order paper, please complete and submit the online Paper Order Form for Departments (XLS). For questions, please email Jessica Burns or call her at 440-329-5240.