Facilities Management Department

The Facilities Management Department (FMD) operates, maintains and monitors all Lorain-County-owned and -leased facilities. The Department performs project management for Commissioners' construction and renovation projects, property management of leases/purchases, fleet management, and preventative maintenance to building infrastructure and daily building services, such as custodial and general maintenance.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is the central location for the public and employees to contact the Facilities Management Department. You can call them at 440-328-2222 or email the Help Desk.

Facility Property Management

Facilities Management

  • Plan and analyze County space needs
  • Create and maintain a strategic facility plan
  • Manage security/fire alarm monitoring contract
  • Manage Maintenance Agreements
  • Warranty Management
  • Roof Management
  • Maintain as-built drawings
  • Maintain Key schedules
  • Maintain and monitor parking lot controls/access
  • Manage surplus inventory
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Pest management/control
  • Vending Machine contract
  • Maintain/improve Management system (work orders, billable hours, etc.)

Property Management

  • Manage county leases
  • Obtain Real Estate appraisals when needed
  • Negotiate real estate acquisitions, dispositions and leases
  • Prepare lease agreements; offers to purchase real estate
  • Surplus Inventory Management
  • Fleet Management

Building Services

  • Promote internal services
  • Custodial/housekeeping
  • In-house renovation projects
  • Non-contract heating, ventilation and air conditioning services
  • Snow Removal
  • Landscaping
  • General building maintenance (non-contract)
  • Plan and manage maintenance projects
  • Establish building standards
  • Building Operations

Project Management

  • Develop and create requests for proposals
  • Develop and create bid specifications
  • Develop and create Requests for Quotes
  • Manage outside contractors
  • Act as Prevailing Wage Coordinator
  • Verify contractor compliance with all laws, rules and regulations
  • Supervise contractors during completion of projects to assure adherence to specifications
  • Direct and manage architects and engineers as to the general scope and intent of assigned projects

Facilities Organizational Chart

Facilities Organizational Chart