Technical Rescue Response Team

Lorain County Technical Rescue Response TeamWelcome to the Official Homepage of the Lorain County Technical Rescue Response Team (LCTRRT)!

About Lorain County's Response Team

A Rescue ResponderThe LCTRRT is a joint venture of the Lorain County Technical Rescue Advisory Board and the Lorain County Fire Chief's Association to provide the citizens of Lorain County with a team of highly trained firefighters to mitigate technical rescues in our area.

"Technical Rescue" refers to the aspects of saving life or property that employ the use of tools and skills that exceed those normally reserved for firefighting or medical response. The LCTRRT is trained to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials, high and low angle rope rescue, structural collapse, confined space rescue, trench rescue, and wide-area search.

The members of our team work for fire departments throughout Lorain County and attend additional training sessions each month so that they will be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any rescue situation to which they respond.

Apply to Be a LCTRRT Member

If you are interested in applying for the team, then please fill out the Lorain County Technical Rescue Response Team Membership Application (PDF), and submit your completed application by fax to 440-322-1272, or email it to us.

Contact the LCTRRT

For more information or general inquiries, please email the Lorain County Technical Rescue Response Team.

Contact Emergency Management Agencies

For non-emergency inquiries concerning emergency management, please contact for Lorain County EMA and Homeland Security at 440-329-5117.

In the event of an emergency, please contact Emergency 911 by immediately dialing 911!