Gold Star Award

Dispatch FlagThe Ohio Gold Star Awards are sponsored by the National Emergency Number Association and the Association of Public Safety Communications Professionals. The award ceremony is held annually in Columbus, with the first being in 2000.

The Gold Star Awards recognize the important contributions public safety professionals make to the safety and well-being of our citizens throughout the state. The awards publicly honor the men and women who are the backbone of Ohio's 911 systems.

Since the year 2000, Lorain County 911 has received 5 nominations for Gold Star Awards:

  • Dispatcher Tracy Slagle (2000 Nominee)
  • Dispatcher Kurt Scholl and Dispatcher DaRae Williams (2001 Award Winners)
  • Dispatcher Angela "Angel" Bzdak (2004 Nominee)
  • Dispatcher Kurt Scholl and Dispatcher Donna Chopcinski (2005 Award Winners)
  • Dispatcher Melody Leisure (2005 Award Winner, 2012 Solid Gold Winner - Telecommunicator of the Year)