Movie Catalog Collection

Recycle Rex

Grades: Kindergarten through 5th
Copies: 5 (DVD)
Length: 10 minutes

Recycle Rex and his friends learn about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling their waste if they want to prevent their field from becoming a landfill for everyone's garbage. This is a fun and educational movie with a catchy tune to sing-a-long too!



Grades: Kindergarten through 12th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 98 minutes

WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a little robot with a big message about the dangers of planetary neglect. This beautiful and inspiring feature film covers important messages about environmental responsibility and offers students a vision of the future. This comes with a bonus; a downloadable Educator's Guide with Additional Activities and Resources. The DVD also includes features developed specifically as teaching tools including an exploration of the effects of gravity on the human body, both on earth and in space, and an intriguing look at modern day robots!


Bill Nye the Science Guy - "Garbage-Biodiversity"

Grades: 4th through 12th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 26 minutes

Bill Nye teaches about biodiversity, which are many kinds of life. Living things depend on other things in an ecosystem. He gives you some tips to keep your ecosystems safe and clean. Bill Nye talks about how much garbage is thrown out from everybody on Earth.


Bill Nye the Science Guy - "Pollution Solutions"

Grade Level: 4th and Up
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 26 minutes (plus additional features)

Bill Nye the Science Guy Classroom Edition shows students how important it is for all humans to prepare for the future by recycling, researching and developing innovative solutions to combat this "way UN-cool" worldwide problem. Pollution Solutions also goes into the importance of cleaning our water and cleansing our air. In addition to the episode - there are features like interactive glossaries and quizzes and bonus footage.


Bill Nye the Science Guy - "Garbage"

Grade Level: 4th and Up
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 26 minutes (plus additional features)

Join Bill Nye in Garbage, as he digs up dirt on ever-expanding landfills from New York to Florida. Bill also exposes the vast amounts of non-biodegradable waste that humans create. In addition to the episode - there are features like interactive glossaries and quizzes and bonus footage.


The Way Cool Game of Science - with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Grade Level: 4th and Up
Copies: 2 (DVD)
Length: Presentation Varies

The perfect complement to standards-based science instruction, this fast-paced DVD game is designed to test students' knowledge of textbook topics. Bill's snappy answers to smart science questions use video clips from the Bill Nye Science Guy series.

 How it works: Two teams play a fun, fast-paced interactive DVD game that tests their science knowledge about Earth History, Resources and Environment topics covered in the Bill Nye the Science Guy shows including, Pollution Solutions, Garbage and Water Cycle. With completely randomized questions - you will never play the same game twice. The Question Resource Guide also provides teachers with all the questions and answers - as well as the corresponding episodes for further exploration. This is great to play on your SmartBoard or on your DVD player!


School House Rock! Earth

Grades: Kindergarten through 12th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 50 minutes

The catchy Schoolhouse Rock tunes have taught millions of children that Knowledge is Power! This specially designed classroom edition DVD features great new songs including: The Little Things We Do; The Trash Can Band; You Oughta Be Savin' Water; Solar Power to the People; The Rainforest; Save the Ocean and much more!


Timon & Pumbaa "Safety Smart Goes Green"

Grades: kindergarten through 3rd
Copies: 3 (DVD)
Length: 12 minutes

Pumbaa helps Timon realize how important it is to keep our environment safe and clean. Timon learns his lesson about littering because it can affect his living environment.


ABC News Classroom: Global Warming - Public Agenda & Government Responsibility

Grades: 7 through 12th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 27 minutes

Scientists from around the world agree that global warming is underway and that human activity is largely responsible. This DVD features stories from Good Morning America, 20/20, This Week, World News Tonight and Nightline that examine the growing climate crisis from many points of view.

Segments reveal how public opinion can be influenced by media coverage and how national and international politics have dominated the debate about global warming. In addition, the science behind the climate shift is examined. Using the Classroom edition - students and teachers can access video clips that are organized according to key educational standards.

This targeted treatment of the information makes it easy for teachers to integrate specific content into their curriculum plan. A complete Teacher's Guide, which can be accessed by computer, is also included on this DVD.


Bill Nye The Science Guy - Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Science

Grades: 4 through 12th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 26 minutes

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Classroom Edition DVD is an adaptable format that allows you to access the wildly popular Bill Nye Series on any DVD-equipped computer or set top DVD player.

Who knows better than Bill Nye that you can demonstrate big scientific ideas with small, simple experiments? In Do-It-Yourself Science, get a lesson from Bill himself and learn how you, too, can conduct scientific research.

In addition to the complete 26-minute episode of Do-It-Yourself Science, this disk is loaded with incredible DVD features like: Fully indexed "chapters" correlated to National Science Standards; Interactive glossaries and quizzes; Bonus footage of never-before-seen segments, interviews, and demos.


Safety Smart Science - Renewable Energy With Bill Nye the Science Guy

Grades: 4 through 8th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 23 minutes

Believe it or not, we're using energy faster than we can produce it. Bill Nye explores the science of renewable energy and demonstrates how we can use science and technology to engineer a brighter tomorrow. Using his trademark blend of hands-on demos and humor, Bill explains Newton's First Law.

Then, he's off to the Renewable Energy Lab at Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to compare renewable and non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, solar, wind and hydroelectricity. Scientists are working every day to develop new forms of renewable energy sources that are safe, efficient, and friendly to the planet. Energy sources that might one day eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels - now that's Safety Smart!

This Classroom Edition DVD features: Interactive Safety Smart Quiz; Scene Selection; Downloadable User's Guide and Additional Resources, Public Performance Rights for Classroom / Educational Use Only; and Bonus Featurettes such as: Who is UL?: Safety Testing at Underwriters Laboratories; Winderiffic and Solartastic.


School House Rock! Science

Grades: Kindergarten through 12th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 30 minutes

The catchy Schoolhouse Rock tunes have taught millions of children that Knowledge is Power! This specially designed Classroom Edition DVD takes the highly regarded, Emmy Award-winning series to new heights that will make Schoolhouse Rock fans out of a whole new generation of kids. Schoolhouse Rock: Science is specifically designed for classroom use.

This DVD includes great songs like: The Body Machine; Do the Circulation; Electricity, Electricity; The Energy Blues; Interplanet Janet; A Victim of Gravity; Telegraph Line; Them Not-So-Dry Bones.


Disneynature - Earth

Grades: 3 through 9th
Copies: 1 (DVD)
Length: 90 minutes

Earth provides an opportunity of a lifetime to witness the astonishing creatures with which we share our planet. Follow three species - polar bears, elephants and humpback whales - in their voyages through seasons, migration and environmental impact and witness their plights to survive in our ever-changing world. Designed to ignite curiosity, earth is both a glorious celebration of our planet and a unique educational experience.