Public Records Policy

Commissioners Public Records Policy was effective September 27, 2007 in accordance with HB9, adopted by Resolution Number 07-681 on September 20, 2007. (To post a copy of this policy in your office, please download our Public Records Policy Poster.) The Office of County Commissioners' records may be obtained by contacting Theresa Upton, County Clerk. Records may be inspected without cost.

The first 5 paper copies are free, but additional copies will be charged 5 cents per page unless a specific fee is otherwise established by law. Copies in other mediums are charged at actual cost.

Payment for copies must be made in advance. You must pay in correct change or checks made payable to Lorain County Treasurer. Once invoice receipt has been received from the Commissioners Budget Department, documents will be released.


All responses to records requests are to be made in compliance with Ohio Revised Code, Code Section 149.43. This policy is intended to summarize these provisions. Any interpretation of this policy or matters not specifically provided for herein shall be in accordance with R.C. 149.43.