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Help Me Grow - Early Intervention

Ohio Family and Children First InitiativeA happy familyHelp Me Grow (HMG) is Ohio's birth-to-3 system that provides services for expectant parents, newborns, infants and toddlers and their families. The Lorain County Children and Family Council (LCC&FC) administers the Help Me Grow Early Intervention Service Coordination program through contracted providers who provide screenings, evaluations, assessment, on-going monitoring, service coordination, and transition services to families with children who have a diagnosed delay or disability.

The HMG Central Coordination office processes referrals from parents and community providers for Early Intervention services.

For more information about Help Me Grow please visit Ohio Help Me Grow.

What is Ohio Early Intervention?

Service Coordination & Wrap-Around Services

Fill-Out/Submit the Family Services Referral Form (PDF).

LCCFC ensures families in crisis (with children ages 0 to 21) who have multiple systemic needs or who have/had involvement in multiple Lorain County systems such as Juvenile Court, Children Services, mental health providers, medical providers, and/or the Department of Development Disability are connected to services within the County to improve family functioning.

Wrap-Around is a holistic method of engaging with individuals and families who have complex needs. This approach utilizes an intensive, strength-based, individualized care planning and team management process that focuses on the voice and choice of the family to meet their identified needs as agreed upon by the team.

Family Wrap-Around

Each family is assigned a certified Wrap-Around facilitator who will guide and support families through the process while facilitating the development of a team of professionals who will work alongside the parents and their natural supports within regular team meetings. A written plan is developed and monitored monthly by the team to assess family progress against goals for improved family functioning. In addition, all families are offered a family advocate who can offer additional support by representing the family's voice when requested or when the family is facing various relationship challenges with system involvement.


To be eligible for this service, families must be experiencing a crisis and their child must be currently involved or need to be connected to multiple systems and providers.

Referrals may be made by completing the LCCFC's Family Services Referral Form (DOC) and then submitting it electronically or by mail/email/fax to the LCCFC Administrative Office (in Elyria, OH) or call 440-328-2492.

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Help Me Grow (HMG) Central Coordination

The HMG Central Coordination office processes referrals from parents and community providers for Early Intervention services.

For more information about Help Me Grow, please visit Ohio Help Me Grow.

Local Resource Directory

Lorain County Community Action Agency maintains a Community Service directory.