Bridge Lighting

The Charles Berry Bridge will be permanently and aesthetically lit thanks to the combined efforts of state, county and city officials and departments. The project, costing $250,000 to install, costs less than $1 per day to light for approximately 5 hours. The programmable LED lighting system is also low-maintenance. The following government organizations provided funding for this endeavor:

  • Ohio Department of Transportation: $150,000
  • Lorain County Commissioners: $50,000
  • City of Lorain: $25,000
  • Lorain Port Authority: $25,000

Bridge LightingA unique partnership involving the organizations listed above made the installation of aesthetic lighting possible. Local contractor Lake Erie Electric was awarded the job and the installation was completed. Richland Engineering of Mansfield, Ohio was awarded the contract to provide design and engineering services throughout the project. Lake Erie Electric is doing the construction on the project and the Bridge Maintenance Crew will do the inspection.

A special Bridge Lighting Ceremony took place Friday, June 22, 2007, during the 41st Annual Lorain International Festival and Bazaar. The movable trusses displayed a variety of color schemes, ending with the colors of the Irish Flag - the spotlight country of the International Festival.