Bridge Crew

Al operating the release leverThe Charles Berry Bridge operators are responsible for operating the bridge in a safe and efficient manner 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The operators make contacts with ships via marine radio and make relevant entries in logbooks to record ship passages and radio information. The operators also work closely with different shipping companies to schedule ship passages, maintain contact with police and fire departments, and alert these departments of any problems.

Al working Programmable Logic ControlsOriginally, both the east and west towers of the bridge needed men to operate the bridge successfully. When the bridge was rebuilt during the mid-1980s, all of the operations of the bridge were then able to be performed from the west control tower, making it possible to have safe operations with only 1 operator.

The east tower is utilized as the administrative offices for the bridge. The Superintendents maintain their offices in the east tower.

The Bridge Crew: Sean Smith, Jennifer Stewart, James Beverly,  Jose Alvarado and Edward MervisThe crew of the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge: Sean Smith, Jennifer Stewart, Jose Alvarado and Edward Mervis.