Department Heads

  1. Dave Blevins

    Director, Solid Waste Management District

  1. Gillian Camera

    Director, Crime/Drug Lab

  1. Rob Duncan

    Director, Community Development

  1. Chelsea Freeman

    Director, Children and Family Council

  1. Garry Gibbs

    Director, Convention & Visitors Bureau

  1. Dan Gross

    Facilities Special Project Manager

  1. Mike Longo

    Director, Workforce Development

  1. Jim Miller

    Director, Port Authority

  1. Timothy Pihlblad

    Animal Control Officer/Dog Warden

  1. KC Saunders

    Director, Budget

  1. Barbara Tamas

    Director, Job and Family Services

  1. Theresa Upton

    Clerk of the Board

  1. Jeff Young

    Emergency Services Coordinator/Facilitator