Role & Responsibilities

These are narratives giving brief descriptions of some of the various Budget Department operations.

Budget Packages

  • Purpose: Very first estimate of revenue and expenditures for next year. Also provides estimates for the "Tax Budget".
  • Custom made to accommodate each fund - proper account numbers
  • Distributed in late March
  • Due back May 30 - or last working day of May

Tax Budget

  • Purpose: Provides Budget Commission with anticipated unencumbered cash carryovers and anticipated revenues for each of the approximate 82 funds that we are responsible for.
  • Compiled beginning with May 30 Budget Submissions
  • Filed with County Auditor in July for next budget year
  • From these figures and various tax figures compiled by Auditors, the "Certificate of Estimated Resources" for next year is issued. This Certificate gives us available levels for the Annual Appropriation.

Annual Appropriation

  • Purpose: Approve spending for succeeding year.
  • Begin compiling in September/October
  • General fund calculated by using budget request submissions, comparisons of current year spending, circumstance factors - new personnel, mandated changes, etc. Special Revenue funds reviewed and budgeted from their budget request packages. Entire draft budget given to Commissioners in November for review, comments and/or suggestions.
  • Adopted by Board of Commissioners in December for the following calendar year.

Other Important Duties & Responsibilities


  • Hotel Tax Collections and Quarterly Settlements - Visitor Bureau
  • Bascule Bridge Quarterly Report - report for Ohio Department of Transportation funds.
  • Construction projects - Accounting/vendor payments, etc.
  • Continuing Disclosure Statement - addressed further on
  • Arbitrage Compliance - Construction Debt Issuance
  • Victims of Domestic Violence Report/Settlement - Marriage/Divorce money
  • Budget Commission Revenue/Expense/Cash Reports Monthly
  • Any other Comparisons/Reports requested by Commission/Elected Officials

Monitoring Bond Retirement/Special Assessment Fund

  • Note and Bond issues for borrowing for various construction projects - buildings, sewers, ditches, waterlines. To include competitive bid to various financial institutions for interest rates, legal processes, bank and/or underwriter contacts, proper dispensation of funds, arbitrage compliance.
  • Continuing Disclosure Statement - Financial report required by Securities Exchange Commission in relation to debt issuances. Provides various narratives regarding demographics/finances of County and also various financial statement spreadsheets. Due to SEC and several other Municipal Securities Agencies by June 30 of each year.


  • Deposit of funds - Rents, Indirect Costs, Various Grants, Hotel receipts, Healthcare, Refunds/Reimbursement, Kennel Receipts, etc.
  • Transfers/Appropriations - Assist, review and submit various transfers and/or appropriation changes from various departments for modifications to their internal budgets.
  • Initiate set up of new funds/accounts for new projects/grants. To include Budget Commission procedures, Auditor requirements, assist department with proper accounting of funds.
  • Assist various departments with any financial problems/questions with their funding; for example: Tracking funds, balancing reports, meeting with department heads, implementing changes, reviewing procedures, etc.